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Matching Shorts

November 21, 2015

I am finally catching up on my backlog of sewing posts. Ms H school is closed for 10 days due to the rains. This unexpected break combined with rains means i had to help with her imaginary party planning (do you know that Mickey celebrated its 18th birthday recently?), help her with her craft activities and also keep Ms J out of Ms H’s hair.

Long Beach Board Shorts
I have finished these quite some time back (more than a month back) and was thinking to get some modelling pics by the beach. The trip never happened… even though the sea is 10 miles as the crow flies and its now rainy season (the only other season is summer) here in Chennai so no beach trips as there are rarely shelters on some of the less crowded beaches.

So here are Board Shorts for the kiddos.
SEW-Green Broad Shorts-Front-001

SEW-Green Broad Shorts-Back-001

Most of the times i do avoid sewing same stuff for both the sisters (unless the fabric is expensive and it makes sense to buy a little bit extra so that i can make something for the little one too) but this is a request from Ms H after seeing her sisters shorts.

Fabric: Green Checks is similar to quilting cotton and Light weight denim already used for couple of shorts.
Pattern: Long Beach Board Shorts
Size: 2T and 5T
I discovered the pattern by accident (photo hopping on flickr and then a little bit of blog hopping) and its super quick, i omitted the piping, i don’t think it will take long if you add it.
Added button-hole elastic and loving the result though there is a slight pull where i secured the button.
Next time i will make a separate waistband.
SEW-Green Broad Shorts-Detail3-001

SEW-Green Broad Shorts-Detail2-001

SEW-Green Broad Shorts-Detail1-001

and here are some pictures of the kids in their shorts.
SEW-Green Broad Shorts-MsH front-001

SEW-Green Broad Shorts-MsH Back-001

SEW-Green Broad Shorts-Ms J1-001

SEW-Green Broad Shorts-Ms J2-001

SEW-Green Broad Shorts-Ms J3-001

Ms J is now climbing my sewing table with the help of my sewing chair… so i am back to sewing in the late nights and hiding the chair during the day 😦

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