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Writer’s Block

April 1, 2017


It has been long time since i have seriously looked at my blog.
The past year has been quite busy… finding time and inclination to blog hasn’t been the priority.

Ms H started a new school and so a new routine.
Ms J has to be under constant surveillance after she stopped her morning naps around 8 months back.
We also had lot of house guests last year and while it made me busy… the kids also got lot of clothes as gifts. So i wrote a fresh sewing plan and concentrated on sewing for myself and made myself a fresh wardrobe.

SEW-Kurtas 2016

This means….
1. I made around dozen kurtas in the past 10 months.
2. I researched and read a lot of blogs, articles on fitting issues, pattern modifications, dart manipulations, finishing, dress making and more.
3. I squirrelled a lot of fabric for my pinterest inspired projects.
4. I neglected my own blog and also stopped following some of my fav blogs around kids sewing.

i will start documenting my previous years projects in the coming posts.

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