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Spring Sewing

April 6, 2016

Pongal Outfit
Summer is already in full swing in Chennai and I am still writing about my Spring Sewing. Its been 3 months since i last posted on my blog… Sewing more than i write (though been taking pictures of the finished projects and some modelling pics).

SEW-Floral Peplum-Front1 SEW-Brownie Skirt
H is not much into dresses, separates rule her wardrobe. So i wanted something that work together but also can be worn with something else. she is extremely pleased with both the blouse and the skirt, She has worn both together and separately more than a few times and that in my book is success.
SEW-Pongal2016-Ms H

Top: Pattern 1 from “sewing for your girls” with modified sleeves from Pattern 2
Skirt: Paris Skirt tutorial modified to a button front skirt.
Top: Floral Stretch Poplin from cotton street.
Skirt: Natural Dyed 30’s handloom cotton in black (in real its deep olivish brown though i was expecting deep grey when i ordered it online from
dacottonhandlooms ). Lovely store and i totally recommend them but be ready to expect the unexpected as it is with handlooms, natural dyes and computer screen colour differences ๐Ÿ™‚
Top: 110
Skirt: Drafted to Ms H measurements.

This blouse is the inspiration, but its really this one by Deepa that finally pushed me to take the plunge.
The bodice is cut 7″ above the 100cm size line. The peplum is a long rectangle drafted to the top measurements. I did a muslin first and it was a really good idea.
The top waited a long time for the buttons… there are only 2 shops nearby that deal in tailoring stuff and both didn’t have anything that i like. I ended up ordering the present ones from Pradhan Embroidery stores.

Should have under-stitched the bias… there it is peeking out
SEW-Floral Peplum-Front Close

The back, my favourite. Buttons in red thread.
SEW-Floral Peplum-Back SEW-Floral Peplum-Back Close

The Chinese takeaway pockets idea is from hopscotch skirt by Oliver+S. Finished with some coconut buttons. The buttons are printed on the right side, i used the wrong side.
I love how the whole skirt turned out and it does look good on her.

Should move that button so that the placket lays straight.
SEW-Brownie Skirt-Close

Adjustable Elastic in the back (this is the true colour of the skirt)
SEW-Brownie Skirt-Adj Elastic

SEW-Brownie Skirt-Button Placket
I have to mention the button holes in both top and skirt…. somehow my very basic brother machine did a decent job this time ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is Ms H wearing the skirt with a RTW Tee.
SEW-Brownie Skirt-with RTW Tee
She wearing the top with Jeans for an outing (an out of focus photo is all i have).
SEW-Floral Peplum-With Jeans

Ms J didn’t have a mum-made dress this time. Couple of muck-ups by a local large format printer kept me in bad mood. I didn’t want to rush her ice-cream dress intended for Pongal, so she wore a dress my SIL gifted her even before she was born.


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