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Long Skirts for Diwali 2015

December 18, 2015

The post which has been in my draft folder for the past month, for the lack of pictures is finally out.

Faux Benaras Traditional Outfits for Diwali
Sew-J-Diwali 2015 Set Sew-H-Diwali 2015 Set

Completely lined faux benaras long skirt and blouse (Pavadai+Chattai/Langa+Jacket) sets for both the girls for this Diwali. Yup… they are matchy matchy đŸ™‚
These are made in 4 nights(coz i mixed up the festival dates) from cutting the fabric to finish… so they have my sweat, blood and sleep.
Extremely proud how they turned out even though it was a race to finish them (I was still fanatically sewing the press buttons for the blouses while Mr A is giving bath for the kids on Diwali morning).
I just couldn’t get a picture of the kids together….as the clouds were on us for another downpour.
Ms J
Sew-J-Diwali 2015

Ms H
SEW-H-Diwali 2015

Pattern: See Notes.
Size: around 5Y and 18M
Fabric: It is sold as faux benaras fabric (its polyester, so i completely lined both the skirts and the blouses)
Both the blouses are drafted from this tutorial , but the sewing sequence i figured out from a RTW silk blouse of Ms J, couple of videos on you tube also helped.
The bodice for Ms J’s skirt is drafted from here.
Ms H’s is a simple pleated skirt with a yoke.
While the basics are easy, there are a lot of small details that take time and effort for a nice finish.
I don’t remember much about the construction as it has been a blur, but here are some detailed pics and click through to flickr for little more details in the description.
Sew-H-Diwali 2015 Blouse Sew-H-Diwali 2015 Blouse Close3

Sew-H-Diwali 2015 Blouse Close2 Sew-H-Diwali 2015 Blouse Close1

Sew-H-Diwali 2015 Skirt Close1 Sew-H-Diwali 2015 Skirt Close2

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