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Selfish Sewing – Salwars

December 9, 2015

Mustard Salwar for me1
(all the pictures were photo bombed by the little one… after that i couldn’t get decent light to take pictures again)
A bit of selfish sewing before Diwali. Even though i had some Diwali outfits planned for the kids.. i just couldn’t stop making salwars for myself, once i started. The fact that its mostly straight lines and you don’t have to fiddle with the fit means they are super easy to cut and sew. Its like an addiction.. seriously!!!!!

Salwar Sewing
The first two (from the right) are handloom cottons… breeze to sew and perfect for upcoming summer.
Then i took out my rayon… silky, slippery, creases easily and ravels a bit. Challenging to cut and sew… I will just say that i used a lot of pins.. a lot even for cutting.
The seam ripper came out a few times to the rescue and even caused an accident by poking a hole into the fabric.. OOPS!!! quickly fixed by some zig-zagging. The whole thing seemed to weigh a ton while my handloom ones are so light. Finally when its done and i tried it on… its like heaven, its so fluid, light, soft, comfy and i didn’t take it off ;-).
Rayons…Bring it on.
I saw some printed rayons in a store nearby and i am definitely going to get some.
I got away with a metre of 60″ rayon fabric… mostly coz i am petite and i fiddled the pieces to fit here and there… But next time i will buy more fabric.

Its was quite a task to photograph them entirely and even if you try they are not pretty :-), but then everybody knows how a salwar will be 🙂 Here are some detail shots from the mustard cotton salwar.
Mustard Salwar2
Pleats in the front

Mustard Salwar3

For anybody planning to make their own….
Pattern: Followed the drafting instructions from here. (if you are making one for the first time, do watch a video or two on youtube… i personally recommend cloud factory)
Fabrics: Both the cottons are 2mts/45″ wide fabrics, rayon is 1mt/60″ wide.
Notes: Used 1″ elastic instead of drawstring… makes life easy.
Interfaced the ankle part with some fusible interfacing.
Next time i am going to figure out add pockets to my salwars as i have seen on some RTWs…

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  1. December 20, 2015 9:34 pm

    Looking at all this (and the gorgeous fabrics!) I want to go back to stitching my own clothes again! A lifetime in not enough to do all this craft stuff! 🙂

    Beautiful fabrics and clothes. Loved what you did with the beautiful (Banarsi?) fabric for the ghagra chili!

    • December 20, 2015 9:51 pm

      Thank you for the lovely comment Anita. Eventually I would like to have at least half of mine and the kids clothes to be handmade by me… Crafting is a black hole 😉

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