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KCW Summer 2015

June 30, 2015

KCW Summer 2015

The season is finished and here is my progress through the week June22-28.

Day 1
Izzy Top – 18m
Modifying the pattern pieces, Brainstorming, Cutting the fabric.

Day 2
Izzy Top – 18m
Sewing up part of bodice, Hemming the skirt, Lot of doubt about my modifications.

Day 3
Izzy Top – 18m
finishing the bodice

Day 4
Sunny Day Shorts – 12-18m
Sewing up the Shorts

Day 5
Sunny Day Shorts – 12-18m
Attaching waistband

Day 6
Sunny Day Shorts – 12-18m
Finishing the shorts.

Izzy Top – 18m
Trial on Ms J

Day 7
Izzy Top – 18m
Sew placket on the top, needs sew-on snaps.

Denim Oliver+S Sunny Day shorts HIT
SEW-Sunny Day Denim shorts

Izzy top FLOP (Heavily modified, not a problem with the pattern)
SEW-Floral Izzy Top

The shorts are a straight forward sew. Modified the waistband into a two piece waistband. Added a bow to identify the front instead of a tag in the back. Did lot of topstitching with regular thread and zigzagged all the seams, so took a bit more time than expected but love the clean insides.

The top is a flop. No mistake of the pattern, i used it before and loved it. This time i heavily modified it by straightening the bodice, removing the back opening and enlarging the neckline… the result i cannot pull J’s second hand through… so cut the back to put a placket in place, tried again… it didn’t fit. By now i understood the problem, its the straightened bodice…. No way i can save the top and all my brainstorming went down the drain. Lesson learnt (whatever the lesson maybe :-)).

All in all I have only a pair of shorts to show after 1 week of sewing 😦

I am waiting for the next KCW maybe i will plan better.


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