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Pony Craft Store

February 10, 2014


I am really excited to share the news at large about the new online shop PonyCraftStore for the Knit, Crochet and Sew enthusiasts. Well… the shop is actually not new, it has been there for sometime but i thought i will blog it as i still get mails about where to buy large hooks, DPNs (double pointed needles), Circular needles.

Sangeetha of Crochetkari has blogged about her purchase here sometime back.

There are yarn, needles, hooks, cross stitch kits and more available, just check the shop out.
Pony Craft Store Website

Staright needles (Under Knobbed knitting pin)
Circular needles
Lots of accessories like stitch holder, cable needles, row counters, stitch markers, knitters gauge, knitting calculator… etc
Shawl pins
Knitting elastic

Hooks in many variations and sizes
Circular Crochet hook
Hair pin lace needle
Tatting shuttle

There are lot of acrylic variations but these excited me a bit
Laura Knitting cotton
Nako Super Lamb Special tweed, Nako Nakolen Dreams (49% Wool)
Nako Nature (50% Cotton)
Nako Hosgeldin (60% Bamboo)
There are some more yarns with Mohair, Alpaca, some glittery yarn and also 100% wool.

Lots of Scissors
Rotary cutter and mat
Shirring elastic (can’t wait to try some summery dresses for ‘H’)
Hand sewing needles (Love to see machine ones too)
Snaps to sew, Hook&eye, Fabric covered button kits (would like a snap plier and snaps)
Loop Turner, Bodkins, Tracing wheels, seam ripper (tracing paper please)
Sewing thread (like to see more colours)
T pins, Quilting pins

Cross stitch
Aida cloth (Matty cloth) in various counts by meter and pre cut pieces
Embroidery Hoops
Embroidery Floss (Again i would love to see more colours probably listed individually with colour numbers)
Some Kits

There are some craft kits for kids (I already have a couple in mind as a present for a teen niece), pom pom maker, french knitter

The search facility within the website is not the best one, so i really say go through the entire contents under each section to have an idea of whats on offer. For example if i say “9mm crochet hook” no products will be shown, but there is a 9mm hook in plastic crochet hook under crochet, so dig around.

Happy Crafting.

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  1. February 12, 2014 12:02 am

    Great resource and easily accessible to Indian crafters without having to wait for ever for items to get shipped, fantastic!

  2. February 13, 2014 1:38 pm

    Yes, Now i am greedy for more online craft stores in India :-). How are you this winter???

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