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Yarn play at Cenotaph Road

February 10, 2010

Being a crafter.. among other things meeting fellow crafters is something i long for.
Thats exactly what happened when i got a chance to meet few of the Chennai Ravellers recently, Jan 2nd to be exact (gosh!!!! that’s more than a month and i am blogging about it now). Josie was doing a stop over in Chennai and it was a perfect excuse for a small get-together even though two more Chennaites couldn’t make it. CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) on Cenotaph Road is the rendezvous point; from what i heard its a lot calmer than the Isaphani Centre one in Nungambakkam.

Aparna, Shilpa, Josie and me had fun and chat over nibbles, then there were gifts, received some much awaited tools, drooled over some yarn samples, of course talked about recent knits and some sew-talk sneaked in.

CCD Cenotaph - Goodies
Aparna got some small drawstring bags and a cone of multi-colored thread.
Shilpa gave some cute pearly stitch-markers.
Josie is in with stocking-flower baskets.

I felt a bit guilty for being unprepared for the meet (I didn’t get anything to share as gifts) and also i had to leave early as ‘A’ had to meet his friend who was leaving for overseas.

Enjoyed my outing and looking forward for the next meet of Knitters and Crocheters; Next time I might actually get out my needles and knit in public and ask few of my mates to join me too….

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