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Sydney Weekend: May Wrap up

June 1, 2009

Its the end of May and i realised that its been more than a month since i blogged (lazy pickle)… Its getting cold day by day and i feel very lazy when the weather is dull.
Here is how i spend the days apart from knitting/Crocheting/Spinning (long post with lots of photos..)

Leura Cascades
Back to the Blue Mountains… I think its the 5th time we are visiting Katoomba. Every time DH says “Blue Mountains”, i say “Not Again” but somehow he convinces me. Its very windy on the day we visited and i cursed myself for not wearing a scarf. No public transport to Leura cascades, so we took a taxi (the guy was very helpful) and the whole trip from Katoomba stn to Leura falls and back to Leura stn costed us only 15 quid. I enjoyed the walk to the cascades, the falls beyond and the veiw from there.
The view
TRAVEL - Blue Mountains from Leura
The Cascades
TRAVEL - Leura Cascades
TRAVEL - Leura Cascades1

Coogee to Bondi walk
Long time back we made the walk from Bondi to Coogee (but i forgot my camera then). So we thought of making it in the reverse from Coogee to Bondi and this time i remembered to the camera. A late afternoon rain was forecasted but we thought we could complete the walk long before the rain….the lesson learnt is
my very of “late in the afternoon” is different from the weather guy. We had to run for the bus when rain poured on us as we approached Bronte beach; Some pictures from the rain interrupted walk.
Coogee Bay
Bottle Brush flowers
Looming Clouds
the shower started

Autumn Walks
I love seeing the leaves as they turn from green to yellow, orange, pink, red, brown, grey….

Autumn walk1

Autumn walk2

Colorful Trees

Northside produce markets
I like the weekend/weekly markets in Sydney; so whenever i get a chance, i drop by. I always miss the produce market in North Sydney as it closes by 1pm but not this time (even if i made it only hour before they close). I missed the yummy tomato relish but got some blackberry jam. Tried different types of honey before settling on one and got some sour dough bread… to be honest i didnt like it… its just not my type πŸ™‚
Northside Produce Markets 1
The HardenHoney stall where is picked the “Coriander” Honey.
NorthSideProduce - Honey

Fibre petting
I wanted to visit the Virginia Farms to get some fibre, but some sudden changes to the bus timetables made the day trip even more difficult. Celia (raveller) invited me to her house to pet some fibre so that i will get some feel before i mail order the fibre. I had a chance to pet some exotic fibre like camel, cashmere, angora, optim, BFL apart from silk, cotton, mohair, merino blends, alpaca… i also got some samples of each fibre which are now neatly labelled for future petting.
She dyes yarns and fibres herself and had yarns and fibres in gorgeous colorways; i forgot to take a photo of the heap of yarn, but you can see on Ravelry.
My score…
FIBRE - BFL Merino Optim

My Birthday
It almost rained for the whole day… a very different experience as this is my first b’day in a cold weather; i normally have (and now prefer) a summer b’day.
Raisin Cake

Origami Workshop
I attended an origami session recently; i was very much into origami when i was in school but somehow i lost interest after that.


Rain n Shine
Its been raining for the most of the month… if not raining it will be cold and windy. I think i am never going to complain about heat in India again πŸ™‚
zeez… shivering out in the middle of the day is not me…

Lashing rain

Fresh FlowersLittle Birdie

Visit to Virginia Farms
Celia had to pick some goodies at the Virginia Farms and invited me. It was a nice and pleasant drive. Wow… I love the place, the fibres, the yarns, the tools (Spindles, Wheels, Looms…).Jeni, The lady who owns and runs the place is very nice. I also got to meet another Raveller Susanne. Some pictures to drool πŸ™‚

TRAVEL - Virginia Wool Farms

My Score… Boucle, Slub and Plain Merino yarn.
YARN - Virginia Farm

The last weekend of may was spent visiting the temple in Helensburg; nothing special but felt that i am back in India while having a piping hot “Masala Dosa” under a tin roof with the rain pitter pattering.
I badly wanted to go to “Sutherland Spinners and Weavers Exhibition” on the way back but it was raining hard and though the hall is near to the station; DH discouraged me as we didnt even have an umbrella.

Thats the end of May and Autumn (in Australia).
Welcome June and Winter.

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  1. Cary permalink
    June 1, 2009 12:44 pm

    Where was the origami workshop?! I need to know! Thanks, hope you had a good time there

  2. June 1, 2009 12:52 pm

    Awesome pics!!!! Looks like you’re really enjoying the lead up to winter and curling up with warm tea and knitting!! The rest of us can’t dream of that for a few more months since it’s time for shorts and flip flops!! Enjoy:)

  3. June 4, 2009 6:20 pm

    You know, I have the exact same shot of the Leura Cascades! It sounds like you’re enjoying your stay in Sydney. That’s really great. Are you planning to visit the snowfields in winter?

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