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Easter Weekend: Melbourne

April 19, 2009

I dont want write about my last minute planning and the gruelling 12 hour jouney by bus from Sydney to Melbourne. So its mostly pictures with a little writeup.

Saturday, Melbourne welcomed us with a cold morning (it was so cold that my teeth were chattering indoors) and some hotair balloons.
01-Hot Air Baloons

Before we hit the Great Ocean Road
03-Start of Tour

Couldn’t go the Bells Beach as there was a international surfing competetion going on, but spent some time with the Koala’s and wandering around in a Rain Forest.
06-Inside Maits Rest

Once we reached the Apostles we decided to take a ride on the Helicopter.
07-Taking the ride

Some shots from up and above
08-from up and above-1

Then we walked to the view point to see the sun hit Apostles
09-The apostles
10-the apostles at sunset
12-My photography skills

Then checked out some more rock formations before heading back to the city
Oven Bake ( Coz its like a wood fired pizza oven )
11-Oven Bake

The London Bridge formation was a long rocky walkway into the sea with two archways formed by erosion. In 1990 the first archway collapsed and it was renamed London Arch.
14-The london arc

There is a funny story tagged (There are different flavours of the same story)
Part 1
Some tourists saw the rocks falling and the archway collapsing. Fortunately there werent anybody on the collapsed part but two persons were stranded on the island. The tourists called the emergency number saying “The London Bridge is falling down” and the emergency guys thought some teenagers are having some fun. Its only after some repeated calls that they sent police.
Part 2
Due to the unavailability of the emergency helicopters they asked a news channel helicopter from Melbourne to get the couple out. Ultimately the two were rescued, but not before it had turned into a media circus. The two stranded young people strangely had nothing to say to the cameras. As it turned out, the “pair” were not actually an official couple, but were married to other people and had been out on a little tryst of their own, not quite anticipating the national media coverage.
Allegedly the man was in a bit of hot water since his boss was watching the news and he had called in sick that day. What’s even more interesting is that the man’s wife was also watching the news, and was no doubt curious about his female companion.

We reached at about 8 in the evening and i slept most of the journey. Next day we hit the road to check the city.

Day Shots of Melbourne
18-Melbourne Day-1
Federation Square; Street Art (Melbourne is very arty and crafty); Exhibition Hall; Trams; Markets; West Gate Bridge; City; Yarra River; Melbourne’s Eiffel (kidding!!!!); Autumn; Autumn again; Bridge aross Yarra
We didnt have time to check the Fitzory and the Royal Botanical Gardens; Also go around the MCG and Rod Laver Arena (despite being cricket and tennis fan)

Night Shots of Melbourne
18-Flinders at night
Flinders street station at night

17-Eiffel at night
Eiffel at night (Again kidding!!!!) Its a tower above a arts centre.

16-Fed at night
Stars at Fed square
After which we headed back to the station to catch bus back to Sydney.

Hope you all enjoyed the tour on the Great Ocean Road and Melbourne 😀

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  1. ramblingroses permalink
    April 19, 2009 8:19 pm

    Looks like you had a great time and thanks for sharing:) Keep those adventure stories coming, it’s fun to see the world through another’s eyes!

  2. Pearlin permalink
    April 26, 2009 1:09 pm

    Loved looking at all the pics.tfs

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