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PRINT: Autumn Leaves

March 29, 2009

PRINT - Autumn leaves

I had a stiff neck a few weeks back (which is still bothering me) and couldn’t strain my hands a lot. So while others are doing some lino carving; i did some printing.
I got this idea when i saw the visitors parking at our units after a drizzle. The wet leaves from a what looks like a maple tree got stuck to the ground and moving cars stamped them into the asaphalt.

Supplies: Too many things to list… and some leaves
I should learn to mix the colors that i visualise in my mind and also understand the limitations of printing. I think its time for me to invest in a color wheel. The leaves are placed flat of the fabric and the colors are run over them. Then the leaves (which have their back paint on them) are flipped and pressed to give that leafy texture. See the closeup below;
PRINT - Autumn closeup
My hand is not a position to do some printing so my instructor had to help me with that.
As usual the prints are on a sheet of white cotton; I cursed myself for not doing one more print. It would have been a nice set.

Some Lino prints next time….

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