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PRINT: Orange Orchid

March 11, 2009

PRINT - Orange Orchid1
(Sorry for the crumpled fabric, i was too lazy to iron it…)

We are supposed to do some multicolor prints in our 3rd class and i choosed a simple pattern but with 3 colors while most of the other students went for two colors.
Supplies: Too many things to list…
I didnt want to go for a complicated pattern as i did for my monocolor print. I choosed a simple design but with 3 colors. I also wanted to use colors straight off the shelf, no more mixing as you can never be satisfied with the shade :-). I was so in a hurry to see the printed version of my design that i skipped some basics and the print was a bit messy. I felt it is cool in its own way, but next time i will keep in mind all those little things that make a lot good difference.
PRINT - Orange Orchid3
(As you can see the last 4 trees are really messy….)

I just printed it on a sheet of white cotton cloth.
PRINT - Orange Orchid2
Probably i can cut little squares with one tree on each and stitch them in a corner of a place mat or use it as a lining if i make a bag or something.

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