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February 10, 2009

For the last 48 hrs, i have been seeing various news footages from Victoria, Australia. The Menace/Damage the bushfires have done/doing is beyond ones imagination. When the map of state Victoria with the areas under the bushfire is on display, its like the whole state is burning!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to talk anything about the families who are suffering or suffered as i feel except for the people who are experiencing/experienced something like that, nobody can understand.

Whole towns are wiped out, Millions of hectares of forest is burned down, Properties destroyed, Lives lost….. It seems like an aftermath of a war than anything.
Natural Bushfires: Totally understandable, its nature taking its own way.
Accidental Bushfires: Unforgivable; when you are in a place which is under “Total Fireban” even smoking in your car is not permitted.
Deliberately Lit: Are you out of your mind ( considering the fact half the fires burning in Victoria and NSW are lit intentionally)
Deliberately Relit: Are you a Psycho???? (Just see it from a firefighters prespective, who had fought day and night in intense heat and smoke to stop it, only to be relit by a idiot????)

What is it with Pyromaniacs and Arsonists???
Do they get high when they see wall of flames???
Is it doing something against law and not being caught that gives that smirky feeling???
Or is it the satisfaction of recreating a natural disaster (you cannot easily recreate a Tsunami, a Snowstorm, a Flood, a Snow-storm, a Tornado…) that gives the dumb pleasure???

I don’t know what to say about them; heartless… unemotional… unhuman…Psychos

Note: I normally don’t post my opinions on my blog, but this time i couldn’t help.

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  1. February 10, 2009 1:03 pm

    Sad thing to happen! to think dat it is Arson is even crazy! Wish the guys who did it also perished in the fire!! grrrrrrrrrr..

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