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FO – Forest Neck Warmer

January 8, 2009

FO - Forest Neck Scarf2

I was looking for a small project to keep myself occupied while i find my way around in Sydney. I looked at my small yarn stash that i bought along with me from India and at the “Scarf Style” book that i received as part of Knitters’s Holiday Swap. I had only 1 ball of yarn and when i finally finished it; it seemed more like a neck warmer than a scarf. I named it as the color reminded me of the forests..

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed – 1 ball (50 gm) (I got this as a gift from Rima)
Needles: 5mm straights
Others: Tapestry Needle
Gauge: I started out loose then i dont know when .. but my gauge tightened a bit.
Size: Its around 50cm X 5.5cm
Pattern: “Midwest Moonlight Scarf” from Scarf Style
The pattern is simple, i didn’t even have to look up the pattern after sometime.
I started off a bit loose and a couple of pattern repeats less. As i knitted it i fell into the usual gauge for the needle, so the scarf is a bit wide at one end. Its long enough to wrap it around my neck; it keeps it warm also. I also used it as a head scarf to keep my ears warm.
FO - Forest Neck Scarf1

If i make it again;
Use a yarn that is soft and drapes a bit and keep the gauge consistent

That i have to keep my gauge a bit consistent. Instead of knitting loose i could have gone a needle size up.

A week as i am a bit on and off it.

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  1. ramblingroses permalink
    January 13, 2009 2:07 pm

    Such a lovely green – reminds me of moss growing on big, old trees.

    • iaminchennai permalink
      January 13, 2009 5:12 pm

      yes it was lovely… wished i had one more skien to make a longer one… but its fine as it is 🙂

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