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Thats Quite a Break…

December 11, 2008

I know its been a long time that i blogged and really became quite lazy with the blogging after i landed in Australia.

Probably its the excitement of a new place or an unfounded freedom that made me to spend more time outdoors than sit at home. I definitely vote for going out to load the photos, edit them, write a post and see its preview 4 times before publishing it 🙂

We made it to the Blue Mountains, Canberra and Helensburg, if you are counting trips outside the city.

There is a walk around the “Cremone Point”, from Neutral Bay to Mosman Warf; then there is this walk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach that we made; How can i forget the stroll we had from Manly warf to the Shelly beach and back; Spent an afternoon in the Centennial Park cursing myself for not bringing my knitting while my DH enjoyed his book; then there are my knitting group; A library with a decent selection of yarny books; and the weekly Melody market in Chatswood with Gozleme in my plate; and ofcourse there is knitting… I completed some stuff for the charity, then there is a scarf, cloche, clutch (still got to line it), a photo frame (on going actually) and a doily for a knitting group mate (blocked it yesterday)

I took tonnes of photos thinking of blogging one time or another and then…My laptop died waiting for that blog to come out. It really died…its not even turning on, DH says the data can be recovered but i have to wait to get my own laptop. That means until then i have share my DH’s laptop… ok ok its not actually sharing its just a few minutes after dinner if he doesnt have any work with that..

I promise the posts will come slowly, i am trying to pick up where i left them … so they will appear in a bit of cronological order…

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