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Swap – Knitter's Holiday Swap

December 11, 2008

I participated on Knitter’s Holiday Swap on Rav. Almost every month they conduct a new swap and the theme for September was “Hat/Gloves”, to welcome the Fall season.

I received my Swap Package a way back in October.
I was a bit worried about it as my partner mailed it on 2nd of September and i couldn’t see it till 15th. I received a couple of packages from US before and never they are this late.
Finally I laid my hands on it on 18th. The package entered India on 13th itself but was taken into custody by the Customs 🙂 I think they are a bit suspicious about my address, you see there is a sudden surge in the international packages that i am receiving lately.
Swap2 - Package

This is the second package that i received was opened. The first one being my CAT prize. I can understand why they opened it, it has some metal crochet hooks and the x-ray machine might have beeped, but why this one???

Tredman is a wonderful swap partner and guess what??? this is her first swap.

Swap2 - Gifts
I received 10 skiens of yarn – knitpicks shine sport.
7 skiens are of colorway sky and 3 skiens of
I am planning for my first wearable in sky.
1 book from interweave press full of scarf patterns… I am in love with it right now. It
has a soft cover so i can even carry it easily.
A cloche pattern from knitpicks.
A big sheet of iron on fusing, perfect to embroider all those plain T-Shirts.
A pair of Harmony straight needles and a set of DPN’s by Knitpicks. Guess what??? They are made in India. I am not surprised by the label, as i have read in one of swapna’s post that our own Pony manufactures hooks and needles for Lion Brand and other companies in US (I am not sure of Knitpicks). Ofcouse they are not available in India as they are exclusively made and packed for US market.
Knit Picks in India

2 Post cards from her state. Actually i found only one when i opened the package. The other was hiding inside and i could only find it long after.

My partner said that nothing is missed from my Swap Box. Thank God!!!! I hate losing things.

I didn’t plan to be into another swap as i will be on the move, but when Rima was organising a swap, i couldn’t resist. This swap is exclusive to members of Rav group “SouthAsian Crafters”.

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  1. December 12, 2008 9:23 am

    That “made in India” stuff is SO frustrating!!!!

    I LOVE that scarf style book! It has some wonderful patterns in there!

    • iaminchennai permalink
      December 12, 2008 5:45 pm

      I am not frustated… just wish that they are available where they are made a bit more conviniently. I dont want a “knitpicks” logo on it…
      ofcourse i love the book also…. i read it line by line even the patterns on my way from chennai to sydney. ofcourse people who saw me thought i was weird but if they are knitters they might have though i was crazy…

  2. ramblingroses permalink
    December 13, 2008 3:11 pm

    Wow, what a load of goodies. Glad that you’re enjoying yourself travelling around Oz. Pictures soon??? Can’t wait to see what you’re going to knit with the Shine Sport.

    I too noticed the “made in India” stuff on my KP Options, that got me real curious about where their factory is…if I find out, maybe a visit is in order!!!

    • iaminchennai permalink
      December 14, 2008 5:29 am

      Not around Oz… around Sydney for now 🙂 I have loads of pictures… some are in the crashed computer 🙂 but anything about oz will be on my other blog..
      as for the shine sport i already casted on for “Rosalind”. Finished the left front 🙂 working on the back…
      I am not sure but i think the needles are from pony in ooty… the one swapna talked about a while back..

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