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Day 22 – Crows Nest Vinnies (Op Shop 3)

November 11, 2008

November 5, 2008 – Wednesday

I wanted to hit the op shops just before they close ( 4-5pm) so that i wont spend much time and wont be tempted much. The Vinnies in Crows Nest is in Alexander st which is off the Falcon st. I reached there after a good 15 min walk from my home.

The front section has clothes.. the right wing has some curtains, scarves… toys (there was a knitted toy… but i wasnt interested) then in the bac there were some glassware, bric-brac, books, bags. The back room has some electrical stuff and some furniture.
There in the corner i saw some yarn. Its some 350 grams of acrylic yarn in white color by Lincraft. Another box with some unfinished project. It has 8 X 50g balls of dark grey green yarn and half done sweater back. The yarn is a combination of acrylic, mohair and rayon.. but is 2$ per ball and i wasnt interested.

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