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Day 19 – Manly

November 11, 2008

November 2, 2008 – Sunday

We are off to Manly today… This is the reason we bought a Green Pass yesterday. The up and down tickets from CQ (Circular Quay) to Manly cost 12.50$ and a Green Pass seemed a brighter option.
Manly is 30 mins ferry ride from CQ. Ofcourse you can also take a bus but going on water gives you all the best views. We took the best seat… foremost seat on the deck. We got to see some spectacular views of the city, the sydney bridge, the opera house, the beautiful landscape around. As i clicked the pictures, DH relaxed enjoying the views around. The weather was perfect… it was not sunny, a lot cloudy and there is a bit chill in the air.. that might be the reason we saw a lot of yatches in the water.

The warf itself is very nice… just beside a small beach. We had a small lunch under some pine trees and we are off to check the “Ocean World”. We had some 20% off coupons for it and it is a lovely place. the ground floor is all colorful fish. A lovely mural leads you to the basement which has some sharks and other big fish.

The upstairs has a small reptile park and we were just in time for the day’s last show. a young lady showed us three reptiles among which was a 16kg python…..wooooooo…the kids were all enthu to touch these things…

After that we walked down to the famous “Surfer’s Beach” in Manly. There are only 2-3 surfers as it was cold and i can imagine how cold the water might be. We had a small snack here, The famous Nando’s grilled chicken. After years of eating chicken marinated and cooked in a concoction of various exotic spices and herbs…i dont think i will ever like chicken dipped in some sauces and grilled over 🙂

We then made a walk to the “Shelly beach”. I wanted to go to the Shelly beach park also but DH was already tired and we opted for a coffee.

We walked back to the warf… took the best seats again and then back to CQ and then Wynyard and then home….

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