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Day 18 – Some Indian Groceries

November 11, 2008

November 1, 2008 – Saturday

We thought of buying some groceries…. Indian groceries i must say so we planned to go to Startfield this time instead of Ashfield that i went last time.
We decided that a Green Pass will be a better bet than Red Pass as we are planning for a small trip tomorrow. We though of taking the pass after 3pm so that we will get an extra day for travel.. he he he….

Had lunch and then walked down to St. Leonards park, which is a good 20 min walk from my house. We sat there for some time before walking down to “North Sydney” station. We bought the pass and made a quick trip to chatswood to buy a shopping trolley.
This is the most useful thing i have seen here.. since we don’t have a car and there are no autos running around :-), we have to carry our own groceries.. and i cant even think of going up and down the stairs with all those bags. A trolley seemed to be an easy option and at 20$, its a bargain. DH even wants to take it back to India, hope we will start the cult of personal shopping trolleys in India šŸ™‚

We are off to Startfield. “Indian House” is the name of the shop and they have couple of branches in Sydney along with an online shop( impressive…). The store looks small but has loads of stuff in that. DH met an old friend there… a fellow Indian. After a coffee and a slice of Banana Bread we are on our way back to home.

I picked up a free newspaper with all the Indian news in Sydney and i found that there is a branch of “Indian House” in Chatswood. Thats a good news for me…

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