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Day 11 – Blue Mountains

November 11, 2008

October 25, 2008 – Saturday

We planned to visit the Blue Mountains by taking the 8:25am train to Katoomba but couldn’t wake up earlier that 6:30 in the morning. I made some Tamirind Rice and Vermicilli Pulav and we got ready and rushed to central to catch the 9:25am train… but there was some track work on the weekend and the train stopped at Wynyard. We know that we couldn’t catch the 9:25am train…We took a Bus arranged by Cityrail to Sydney Central, took a combined ticket for the train and the “Explorer Bus” ( Its a Hop on and Hop off Tourist Bus) Each Ticket costs 48 dollars with a breakup of 16$ for to&fro train and 32$ for the Bus. The travel takes 2hrs so i got my knitting along :-))

Once we crossed the suburbs, the train journey itself will be very pleasant… don’t forget to sit in the upper compartment for some good views of the valley. There are some beautiful houses with wonderful gardens and we only wish to be there day dreaming πŸ™‚

Once we reached Katoomba we exchanged our tickets to the Explorer bus cum tourist map which also acts like a pass on the Explorer bus. As there was some time for the bus to arrive we walked down the streets of Katoomba. There are a lot of second hand book shops and other bric and Brac shops along with some botiques if you are looking for a bargain…
We couldn’t resist the aroma coming from a bakery shop and got some baked goodies to munch on while we wait for the bus. The custard pie is simply amazing… the custard including the crust melted in my mouth just like that and its not too sweet, just right for me…

We wanted to get down at the Echo Point and some how missed it and got down somewhere…
We went through some walking trails saw the waterfalls, amazing views of the valley and the Three Sisters (a rock formation), took some photos, saw an ongoing cricket match, Ate lunch in a park, tried the steepest railway in the world, the cable way, the skywalk… In the process i lost the Explorer pass somewhere 😦 so we didnt have the idea when the last bus is… and we missed it. Luckyly there was one more tourist bus and we reached the station just in time to catch the 5:25pm train back to Sydney.

We couldn’t do a lot of things, there wasn’t much time as we reached Katoomba almost in the midday. So Next time;
Go through the book shops.
Try some more stuff from the Bakery.
Go to echo point and hike down to the three sisters.
walk into the jungle and go near the Katoomba Waterfalls.
No explorer Bus pass…We both saw its not worth it.. We used it only once but spent 64$ for that 😦

Had some junk on the way… chicken Burger at “Hungry Jack’s“… I think there are a couple of more Junk Food stations that i still have to try :-)) Reached home tired and with some sore legs…

Got a big shock when we found that the internet bill is 4700$ ( I was using DH’s office wireless connect but didnt download anything that huge to rocket the usage…) He immediately called his office admin and they said they have some problem with the plan and they are working to fix it. It would have been tickets for both us to India and return. Anyway had a deep breath at the end and slept peacefully…. But no more internet from home till i get my own Broadband

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  1. November 25, 2008 7:12 pm

    Sounds like your day in Katoomba was a lot less foggy than mine …

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