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Day 8 – Yarn, Books and Rain

October 29, 2008

October 22, Wednesday

The day started with a bad weather… it was raining and windy by the time i woke up and is damn cold… 18C. My husband gave my pass back so i planned a trip to Chatswood. I layered myself with a pullover and a jacket but the moment i stepped out of the lobby the cold air hit me like a knife. I cursed myself for not getting a hat and walked towards the station. Its raining in chatswood and since most of the footpath is covered, i didn’t get much wet.

I walked till “Chatswood Chase” for K-Mart and checked their knitting section there. Nothing much Interesting but bought 2 balls of yarn for a scarf.

I then went to the Chatswood Library to check their knitting books. The Library is in the 1st floor of the Mandarin Shopping Centre (located near the junction of Victor street and Albert Avenue). They have a decent collection of kniting books.. so i will surely be back. The membership is free, but i need a proof of address to join, which i have to check with DH.
The library is well stocked and well maintained.

On my way back to the station, i peeped into “Bins” a small store with lots of interesting stuff some of which are crafty material.

Took the train and reached home, picking some veggies on my way back.

Once i reached home the weather changed dramatically… the Sun came out and there is this unique weather Harsh and Hot sun + Cold and Chilly wind at the same time. Now i understand why my skin, which sometimes is like a oil mill turned dry :-)) I mean if i dont put some moisture on within 5 mins after fashing my face its becoming damn flaky 😦

From the Lens
Rain n Train

Windy on Wednesday

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