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Day 10 – Thai Food

October 29, 2008

October 24,Friday

DH called from office for Dinner outside…. I jumped up, got ready and went to North Sydney. He showed me the building in which his office has a floor and then we took a bus to Crow’s Nest ( Its an area here. Its up a hill and since it gives a good view of the surroundings, the guy who first bought property in 19th century named his house Crow’s Nest and the name stayed).

On the way i got a surprise package…. Its my swap package.. needless to say i opened it on the bus and drooled over the goodies i got, while DH was green with envy after seeing the pair of socks i got… they are a beautiful pair with cables and in a wonderful green color.

There are a lot of Indian, Thai and other Asian restaurents in Crow’s Nest and i opted for Thai. The restaurent was bustling and i ordered PhadThai ( Later i came to know that PhadThai has around 50gm of fat in it… so no more PhadThai) forgot to tell the waitress that we want it spicy and the result is too sweet for my spicy palette. I couldn’t finish the second helping 😦 The starter was nice… I forgot the name of the dish but is with prawns. Its on a bit soft rusk with a layer of shredded lettuce, spicy grated carrot and a prawn… Its a mouthful for a single bite but very tasty.

We walked back to home after a stint of window shopping…

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