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Day 5 – Cars n Ferries

October 20, 2008

October 19 (Sunday)

DH was in no mood for food at home so munched on a burger in a Mc-D in Wynyard and walked down to Circular Quay for the Ferry Ride that was promised to me yesterday… There i noticed a real ship called “Raphsody of the Seas” anchored and the Circular Quay is full of the passengers making their time.

We then took a ferry to Darling Harbour, went over to the deck and sat out to witness some spectacular views. We got down at Darling Harbour after some 20 mins with 3 stops in between. We walked down straight to the “Sydney Convention centre” to see the “Australian International Motor Fair”. I loved the concept cars for their unique design and there are a lot of companies that even i dont know the name before. I got into the Land Cruiser, tried the Cadillac, looked at the Aussie versions of our own swift and SX4. Looked at some unique bikes and lots more. There are some old cars kept outside… i mean the vintage models, for auction and guess what??? i found… an Auto.. yes an Auto.. made by the Italians during WW-II and only 4 peices came into Australia and one of them is there for the auction. The snap of it is on DH’s mobile ( The camera’s battery died after so many pictures…)

We picked some chicken for the Dinner and we are back home.
I made some Chicken… something like a pot roasted chicken which unfortunately DH liked… coz if he asks me for the samething i don’t know how to replicate it ;-). In the meantime.. that is during the preperation of dinner, I cut my finger, which was too late coz its already one week since i am in here and the cut must have happened long time back 🙂 Anyway i made myself comfortable with the Johnson’s invention for his dear wife who was also clumsy in kitchen.

From the lens
Opera in Mid Day
Mid Day Opera1

Raphsody of the Seas
Rapsody of the seas1

Raphsody of the seas2

Raphsody of the seas3

Cars and More
Motor Show

Lamborghini 2

Lamborghini 1


Concept car 2 - hybrid

Concept car 2 - hybrid1

Concept car3

Concept car3 - cute

Concept car2

Concept car1

Swift sport

Bike with air bag



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