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Day 4 – My first visit to The Opera House

October 20, 2008

October 18 (Saturday)

I saw the Opera House from a distance when going to Ashfield yesterday but today is my first visit to it. We got down at Wynyard stn and walked down to the “Circular Quay”. If you think a peice of a land to be a penninsula like India , then Circular Quay will be on one coast and Darling Harbour will be on another. We have lots of warfs here to go to various places. Warf is something like a ferry station 🙂 We walked down to the Opera House from here and .. Wow… absolute wow… Its beautiful in twilight and the sight of both the Sydney bridge and the Opera House at the same time is amazing. The sunsets are beautiful from here and since its a bit cloudy, the sky errupted into tonnes of colors.

There is an opera show going on in the evening and all people attending it are seen very formally dressed. Taxis can get you almost to the steps of the house if you dont want to walk… But the walk is well recommended. We went in to check the shows, DH told me that i can have a tour of the inside next time ( He went on a tour when he visited Sydney in April). We then took some photos and sat in the botanical gardens next to it… we didn’t to go too far inside as it was almost the closing time.

We then walked back to warfs as we planned to take a ferry to the Darling Harbour and then train to home. But the ferry to the Darling Harbour is closed as it is almost 8pm 😦 Dh told me we can come tomorrow and go for a ride… by the way my Red pass is valid on the ferry 🙂 and DH told me i can go on as many ferry rides i want as long the pass is valid 😉

We walked back to Waynard stn and then back to home. We picked some “Plain flour” on the way that said contains only wheat flour but when i tried to mix it for a chapathi, came to know its maida 😦 anyway i will finish it off by making some parathas.

From the Lens
Opera House
Opera House1

Sun set from Circular Quay1

Sydney Bridge in Twilight
Sydney Bridge in twilight

Sydney bridge from circular Quay1

Opera House with the lights
Opera House2

Opera House from the Botanical Garden
Opera House3

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