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Day 3 – Darling Harbour

October 19, 2008

October 17

I had a Quick lunch and set out for my first adventure, trip to Ashfield to buy some Indian groceries. I armed myself with keys, Red pass, Cellphone, Wallet, train map & street directory along with some water and a sandwich. My DH didn’t tell me that there is no direct train to Ashfield and have to change in the middle. I figured it out myself and changed at Redford ( which my DH told me later is not a safe area in the evenings and afternoons when the stations are a bit lonely) for Ashfield.
Ashfield is a western suburb and is full of Asians, thats the reason one can find a lot of Indian and other Asian stores here. What i observed is unlike the north shore suburbs, there areas especially around the train stations are full of grafitti. The trains also seem to be a bit full unlike in the north shore.

I was back to home by 4 after buying some lentils and spices. DH came from office a bit early and we are off to Darling Harbour after tea at home. We got down at Townhall stn. the building in which the station is present is called QVB, Queen Victoria Building and is full of small and big stores and shops. One can even enter Woolworths (Something in the lines of Big Bazaar) which is across the street from the station.

We exited out of the George st and straight went for a KFC to pick some crispy chicken. We then walked down to the Darling harbour.I had a look at the monorail also here, by the way the Red Pass is not valid on the mono rail 😉 The Aquarium, Maritime museum are here. We crossed the water by walking on the Pyrmont Bridge. There are tonnes of restaurants on this side. If one side of the waterway are the restaurents the other side is full of sky scrapers of various MNC’s. There is a wooden walk way round the water, “Sydney Convention Centre” and “IMax” theatre are present here. Its pleasant to walk around here especially in the evenings and since its only 20 mins from our place i can visit often. DH told that small shows and festivals happen from time to time here.

From the Lens
Restaurants on Darling Harbour
Restaurents from darling harbour

Pyrmont Bridge
Pyrmont bridge

Sky Scrapers
MNC's from Darling Harbour

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