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Day 1 – Settling in

October 16, 2008

OK… I dont want to count the day i landed in Sydney, 14th of October as Day 1 as it was 10pm by the time reached the apartment 🙂 So for me 15th is Day1.

The Apartment or Unit as it is called here is only 3 min walk away from the St. Leonards stn., surrounded by trees and all. The Unit is on the 4th floor and  has huge french windows and the sun fills all the rooms in the afternoon. It is just beside the rail track so the passing trains keep the company.

I spent all my time unpacking the suitcases, organising the stuff, cleaning the kitchen. A bit of crochet to unwind in the evening and then off to prepare the dinner. I didn’t get to go out as we had only one set of keys. I got the second set in the evening, an access card to enter the building, a lift key to operate the elevator, a key to the gym & pool and a set of 3 keys to enter the apartment.

I slept peacefully doing justice to all the lost sleep during the travel.

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