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Day 2 – Trip to Chatswood

October 16, 2008

16th October

Today is more exciting than yesterday.

DH came for lunch to home, we had rice with tomato & egg. He took me to “Coles” (something in the lines of “More” in India) after the lunch and left for office. By the way in St. Leonards, the Shopping centre, train stn and a residential complex all are in the same building called the “Forum” ( that reminds me of “Forum” in B’lore).  There are a couple of Indian food outlets in Forum and also i saw that couple of the billing attendents in Coles are Indian ( DH told me this is due to the presence of some of the universities nearby)

In the evening we went to Chatswood to get some household stuff. I bought my “Weekly Red Pass” whic costs 35$ and can used on the train, bus and ferry on the Red Zone of the travel map. DH had been imparting me some basic ettiquite, road rules and how to use my Pass to enter and exit the stns. Though its quite a long list, i saw how it helps of a smooth system. for example while on a escalator we have to be on a particular side if not walking on it so that people who want to move faster can do so. At Chatswood we went to “Chatswood Chase” a shopping mall, “KMart” ( in the lines of BigBazaar in India) is located in the basement. We got some dinner plates and a cutting board. There is also a Chineese market nearby, DH told that some of the Indian stuff can be found here.

While on our back to the stn we stopped at the “Willoughby Spring Festival” that will be through October just outside the Chatswood stn, had a “Turkish Gozleme” and a latte. “Turkish Gozleme” is similar to Stuffed Indian Paratha, only that its a bit thicker.

No photos as we didnt take the camera. DH told me that i can go out tomorrow on my own, it just that i have to remember to carry my Keys, Card, Wallet, Red Pass, Mobile and the Map.

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