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Crafty Old Days….

September 19, 2008

I was at my Mom’s place last weekend and was looking through the things when i came across some old crafty stuff of mine which i want to share with you.

Old Craft1
This is my first doily that i did on my own. I think i am around 14 years at that time. I learnt how to do sc and dc from my cousin during summer vacation but i could only learn crocheting in round before the holidays finished. So mostly what i did were doilies. The doily is done in some cheap acrylic yarn. My Mom still uses it on the phone table. The hook used was “Titoni”, did i get the spelling right??? i don’t remember the size of it, it might be 3mm or 2.5mm. My mom got it to make a crochet bag with plastic wire. She still has the bag but the handles (round plastic ones) broke and she (even i) don’t know how to replace them.

Old Craft3
Old Craft4
Old Craft5
These things are done after i got my first glass painting kit. You can see all the wonky lines done with the liner. The fish done on the acrylic sheet was supplied as a part of the kit.
The Fish Cup is my favorite one. The plastic cup is a freebie with a Boost pack and had a scoobie-doo print on it. I washed with soap till the print is gone and then using a picture from “Young World” (remember the corner picture for coloring) I did the Fish.
The Glass tumbler is also a freebie probably with Coffee Powder :-), Mom now uses it to put some flowers.

Old Craft6
I learnt to make these stocking flowers when i was doing my Masters. Every wing in the hostel used to have 1-2 crafters and i always used to hang in their rooms. During the start of semester we used to have a lot of free time and i used to spend my time learning something or other.
I learnt kutch work embroidery like that though i couldn’t master it. My MIL is an expert in that. I learnt ribbon embroidery also there.
There is a shop in Tirupati, I don’t remember the name of street (its off the Gandhi Road) (The street is full of tailoring shops and crafty stores) nor the shop name which used to stock all the crafty materials where i used to buy my supplies then.
You can see the flowers are placed in a vase made out of ice-lolly sticks.

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  1. September 20, 2008 10:40 am

    hehehe I also just posted some old paintings I did on fabric!I remember doing a fish painting from Hindu young world too. your fish cup is very cute!
    I like those stocking flowers too..

  2. September 24, 2008 9:46 am


    you have a cute blog there. I too have some stocking flowers with me. The glass painting is cute.

    regards anitha

  3. iaminchennai permalink
    September 24, 2008 11:50 am

    Thank you for the kind words Anitha…
    I love Glass Painting…. Hope i will take it seriously soon 🙂

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