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Chennai Weekend: Prize and Gift

September 17, 2008

My Prize
My First CAT Prize came along last friday..
I won one of the hourly prizes in August CAT and Grace was the Prize Donor and she sent me a wonderful package.
CAT1 - Contents1

CAT1 - Package
There is a set of steel hooks (I think that is the reason the package was opened by the postal authorities.. See its tied up with a string) A nice surprise for me as i am thinking of trying some wire crochet and they are of the perfect size…
CAT1 - Steel Hooks
A Tape Measure so that i don’t have to borrow my MILs. I still have an eye on those retractable ones 🙂
A Dishcloth, in a soft yellow color and an unusual star shape which will be a nice addition to my new kitchen.
A Cute box full of stitch markers.
Some pattern leaflets.
A Nice postcard from her state.
And a personal note which i always like to receive.

Thank you Grace.

My Gift
Then its time for package from Rima… The package reached when i was away at my Parents place.
Gift1 - Yarn
She sent a Bundle of Yarn and the best i like was the Cone of cotton…. I am only dreaming of Dishcloths… Anyone was any ideas for some other kitchen accessories.

Gift1 - Rima Package1
I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this incident that happened around Rima’s package.
The cardboard box in which the yarn came has a sticker saying “Rock Salt Crystal Lamp…” (There is no from addy).My MIL thought that somebody might have sent me a gift as i am leaving the job soon. Since i was not in town and my SIL’s kids are jumping around, she kept the box in a safe place. When i told her that i am not expecting any lamp… she was afraid of the box and my cautious FIL told me to open the package only outside (This is after the saturday’s Delhi Blasts 🙂 )…. When i opened it i couldn’t stop myself from laughing and explained the whole thing to them…
It was a nice incident on a dull day :-))

Thank you Rima

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  1. September 19, 2008 8:33 pm

    I am also smiling when I read your story again.

    I am glad you liked all the stuff.

  2. September 25, 2008 5:33 pm

    That was a great story and I’m glad that you had yaaaaarn inside the package and no other nasty surprises!

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