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Crochet Weekday: My First Pot Holder

September 6, 2008

I completed this during my stressful days at office. After a long hard day at office i just used to unwind myself in yarn and hooks. Presenting my 1st Potholder.


FO - 1st Pot Holder

I wanted to make dishcloths and pot holders for a long time, just to see how they will turn out. But before i could turn the cotton yarn i received into one, i made a knit headband and a Gadget glove. This is the same yarn that was used for the knit headband.

Yarn: Lily Sugar n Creame Ombere in Summer Splash
Hook: 4.5mm Aluminium Pony
Gauge: Since i am using the same hook as specified in the ball band, lets assume that i have the same gauge. Its 20S x 26R in a 4” Square.
Size: 7” Square
Pattern: Its on the reverse of the Ball Band.
I made it in a size less that what the pattern says as i dont have the complete skien with me. I followed the pattern for the dishcloth, did a SC edging around the peice and made a loop to make a Pot Holder.
Its with my Mom now.

FO - 1st potholder2
If i make it again;
I would like to give it a better edging, else i am completely satisfied how it turned out.

There is nothing much i learnt but saw how a single crochet edging will give a nice finish to a piece, may be i will attempt the same on my fillet doiley.

It took me a week (dont look at my timings, i only crochet a hour or two per day)

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  1. Shalini permalink
    April 4, 2012 5:22 pm

    hi… the potholder looks good… do u know where i can get variegated yarn like the one that u have used? ….. thank u for sharing a lot of interesting and useful info on your blog…

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