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Crochet Weekday: Crochet Books

September 6, 2008
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There isn’t any FO, I just want to brag and tease you all with my finds… 🙂
I found these two crochet books at a second hand book shop and immediately grabbed them. They are in mint condition though the cover is a bit soiled, thank god they are hardbounded. The book’s original owner is an expat, probably from US. Each book costed me 160 bucks, i didnt think twice before paying that (awww… maaan, i really dont want my DH to read this..)
OK now about the books.
Crochet Fashions for Women
Book - crochet Fashion for Women
This 128 page glossy page book is full of crocheted garments for women with some accessories thrown in.

Crochet fashion for the Whole family
Book - Crochet Fasion for Whole family
This book has 144 pages and lists patterns for the whole family including your dog. There are some adorable baby patterns.

Both the books are from the 70’s and are full of pictures. There are also instructions for some special stitches at the end.
The only disadvantage with the books is, the weight of the yarn used is not given though they have a picture of the yarn with actual thickness (of course the gauge and hook size are given). But i dont mind that at all 🙂
The distributor is “The National Handicrafts Institute Inc”.

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  1. September 6, 2008 3:21 pm

    Hey thats a cool find!!
    Btw, you have something on my blog 🙂

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