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Chennai Weekend: In the Past Few Weeks

September 5, 2008

Last 3 weeks had been Really tough in office. Didn’t do much of crochet/knitting but held the needles now and then to take the stress off. Even the blogging took a backseat but i squeezed in a blog or two i suppose. Now that the deadlines are met i can take a deep breath and keep a couple of sane moments before taking the next assignment and going insane.
I think i will now have time to blog regularly and also spend some more time on the crafty side.

Here is what happened in the last few weeks;
I got my felted mini purse when i visited my parents last month, i also have a button for that. Will post it once done (I am also planning some embroidery on that )
Completed a Pot Holder.
Received some yarn as RAK.
Sent my DH overseas.
Tried some Kool-Aid Dyeing.
My Swap Package is on its way. (I miss my DH 😦 He used to post all my packages)
Started a few small knit projects
Did good progress on my Damask bag.

I want to blog about all these, but i system is refusing to detect my camera and dont want to write about them without pictures… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
We recently reloaded the OS on the system and that might be the reason. Let me see what i can do over this weekend, may be installing the drivers might work (aw.. maaaan, i have to search for the CD first)

P.S: I found some crafty indian blogs and linked them, go have a visit while i fix my computer(must warn you that they are not related to yarn).

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  1. September 5, 2008 6:58 pm

    i hear ya!!
    hope you figure out the driver problem soon. You do you that you can usually download it from the company website. (just in case you don’t find the CD)

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