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Chennai Weekend: Independence Day

August 24, 2008

I have been two lazy to publish this post last week šŸ™‚

Its a long Weekend with the “Independence Day” falling on friday. Any plans to lazy out were completely undone as my husband is preparing for his travel and there are lots of things to be taken care. I leave the packing to him as i always feel the person who is traveling will best know his needs and also unwanted questions on where things are can be avoided later.
My SIL and her family are visiting us from Ireland and they will be here on Monday morning (Aug 18). I am excited partly coz she will be passing me on some yarn from Jeni and partly coz i badly want to see her second kid ‘H’. H was a bit above an year when i got married and we were great friends then, now he can talk in full sentences and am dying to see him.
On the knitting side i worked on my bag for sometime and started to look out for a pattern for a dishcloth for my crochet weekdays and finally settled on the pattern on the reverse of a ball band.

With my In-Laws planning to go to Mumbai along with my SIL and her family, i might be alone in the house for a day in the coming weekend ( and i am too excited for it…. see i got some plans already).

I think i will have something to show you next week.

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