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Chennai Weekend – Beads for Stitch Markers

July 20, 2008

I realised that i need some bright beads for making stitch markers…
Yesterday ( on saturday) I along with my DH went to T.Nagar as we had some work over there. So i combined my craft shopping also into the agenda. After we finished up the work we headed towards the dreaded Usman Road. Its really dreaded, with the “Aadi Sale” going on, With the flyover being constructed right in the middle of the road, with the road dug up all over to lay some cables… on top this the pavement shops and the maddening crowd.
I just got exhausted after walking some 200 meters between all this… My god, if possible i want the street to be in a no vehicle zone.

I visited Raja Thread Store ( Be very patient when you visit this store… as uaual regulars get priority) not in the best time. Its very crowded. The best time to visit it is during the weekdays just after they open or during their lunch hour.
I saw some nylon yarn this time 400rs per kg ( Probably the yarn weight is 9-10 wraps per inch) I didnt like the colors much and i dont even have a project in mind for that.
I got some Sparkling Knitting Yarn by “Red Rose”.
Some Wooden and Coconut Shell Buttons. (i would prefer the Parrys shop for buttons as it is cheaper)
Wood-Coconut Shell buttons
Some nice beads.
Beads for SM

Note: The Paper that acted as a background the pictures is from a chocolate box that We got in office when my manager was visiting us from Brussels.
I claimed the empty box, its a tin box with toon character “Tin Tin” all over it.

I didnt dare to do any other shopping…. especially in the super stores of “Chennai Silks”, “Pothys”, “Nalli”…. etc

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