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My Pony Loot

June 29, 2008

Its been sometime that i blogged but lot of things happened in between. With the mounting work at office, i prefer to spend the itsy bitsy time i get at home (after the house-hold stuff) for some knitting / crochet / other crafts instead of sitting with the machine :-)I received my “Pony Loot” on 16th of June and here is the short story.
Pony Order Swapna
Mrsfife visited ooty and returned with a great news. She visited the Pony factory there  and organised a mail order for our group (on ravelry).
I got some crochet hooks, sizes that i couldnt find in shops here in chennai.
Some Bamboo needles, coz i really want to see how they look and feel.
I got some circulars below 3.5 mm in the longest size they have.
After i received my package, i saw that there are some DPNs which i didnt order. I checked with my organiser and am happy that i can keep them ( ofcourse paying xtra).
Here is my stuff, forgot to take a snap before removing the wrappers.
Pony Loot
Now i have to make a needle organiser to keep all my needles.
I am thinking of a pringles chips tube for by bamboos and making a fabric organiser for my rest of the needles. I know it takes a long time for me to finish the “Needle case” project. The first step is visiting “Cotton street” in Egmore for some peppy cotton fabric.


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