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Little Felted Coin Purse

June 29, 2008

I want to track my felted coin purse project seperately, so i didnt write much about it on my previous post.


History: I want to do some felting after seeing so many projects over the net, so when i received my first wool i looked out for a small project so that i can try felting and also have a idea how much the project shrinks.

Yarn: Merino – Handspun with Multicolored roving (Pink Family) – Bulk weight (i think so) – RAK1
RAK1 - Pink Merino - Wound2
Needles: 6mm circular from RAK1

Its my own pattern, inspired from here.

Felt Pouch1 - Blocked2
Finished Knitting and Blocking. Waiting to be felted.
Pre Felt measurements:
Width – 3” at top, 4” at bottom
Height – 3.5” (with flap closed)
Flap – length 1.5”; width 2.25”

I will add details here as i felt it and finish it. So keep looking for my first felting experiences.

5th June
I visited my Parents place during the weekend and tagged along the wool purse.
I hand felted it using a dish full of hot water and another one with chilled water. I used normal bath soap (i didn’t use detergent used for clothes as i thought it will be too harsh on my hands). After 15 mins… it turned out as i needed, I stuffed in some plastic bags and dried it out. I even picked up a button for the flap.
But i forgot take it along with me to chennai when i am returning….waaaaah 😦
I have some photos that took using the camera in the mobile (they are bit fuzzy i know). will upload them soon

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 29, 2008 8:57 pm

    Is that my handspun? It should felt beautifully 🙂

  2. iaminchennai permalink
    June 30, 2008 2:16 pm

    yes ma’m… its your handspun.
    I was dying to felt it on sunday, but couldn’t make time. Will do it soon

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