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Chennai Weekend: What am i doing with my goodies?

June 29, 2008

You might be wondering that i have been receiving goodies and what am going with that. So to keep you posted is this post šŸ™‚

From Mini Purse Swap
I am planning to use the organic yarn for a baby set.
i dont want to use the debbie bliss silk, coz i dont want to cut it… just want to feel it and pet it ( actually i want to do something too special, but i am not sure what???)
The stitch markers are used extensively and the tiny foldable scissors has a permanent place in my bag.
The 5mm circular is holding my current project.

From RAK1
The handspun Mohair in pink is just off the needles. I made a small coin purse for a felted project. The inspiration is from here. I didnt follow the pattern in there as i still didnt learn working with DPNs.
The Shetland wool in green is on needles for a scarf – Juno regina stole. The pattern can be found here. Its a lovely pattern and i am waiting for it to be finished. Visit my Ravelry page to check the progress.
This is my first lace project and i am not sure if the ball will be enough for the entire scarf ( there is no yardage on the ball).
My experiences with lace
1. Dont make a mistake, its very difficult to frog rows.
2. Football and lace knitting are not a good combination.
I will restrict this project to weekends, thats when i could concentrate for atleast an hour continously.

From Pony
The 3mm circulars are used to make “Little beaded bag”. Its a surprise gift to a friend. The details are on my Ravelry page. I will post the details here after she receives it. All i want to say is “it came out beautifully”.

From RAK2
The Patons wool in Aran and chestnut will be used in my next felted project. I just casted on for “Damask” bag by Berocco. The pattern calls for 2 100gms hanks for the main color, which i dont have so i had to customize the pattern a bit. Lets see how it will turn out.
The Patons Grace cotton yarn will be used to make my first booties. My vote is for the booties pattern on this site.

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