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Chennai Weekend – Whats up on Saturday

June 15, 2008
This Saturday has been a lazy day for me.
My in-laws went to the hosp for a general check-up even before i got up.
I made some masala poha that i liked in my office cafeteria for the breakfast. With lot of time to kill till lunch time, i picked up the little beaded bag that i started the night before. The details can be seen here
I saw the FO on swapnas notebook and thought it would be a nice gift for a friend i am planning to meet next week. I rummaged through my stash for yarn and beads and started right away.I have to post my swap package for the “Mini Purse Swap” to US and my DH took the responsibility.
Swap1 pack2
This is the my first international package and here is what i learnt.
1. Always head to the nearest Head office to send the international packages.
2. The guys at the post-office want to have a peek into the contents, so avoid packing at home but take all the packing supplies along with you ( Boxes, gift-wrappers, tape, markers, scissors etc)
3. No food Items, chocolates are accepted.
4. Registered Air Mail is the most economical and safest. The charges can be seen on indiapost website.
5. They will stitch the package with white cloth at the end.

My in-laws got to attend a Marriage Reception in the evening, so I have to think again about the dinner. My DH wanted some Veg-Salad, Noodles and light dessert, so thats what we had.
We had the regular Instant Noodles along with some tomato sauce and scrambled eggs.
Sat Dinner
The recipe for the dessert is from here, perfect for summer. I am fan of Sailu’s food and been following her blog right from when she used to blog on blogspot before moving to her own domain.

I have been a ton busy over the past to weeks but lots of things happened, so i am going to write lots of posts today :-).
And at the end, “May flower” that bloomed in June from my garden.
May Flower


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  1. June 15, 2008 5:07 pm

    Is that maggi noodles? I love maggi noodles.

  2. iaminchennai permalink
    June 15, 2008 7:17 pm

    Yes Its Maggie….
    The best companion for everything 🙂

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