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Chennai Weekend – Trip to Thailand

June 15, 2008
I was in Thailand for a short trip along with my collegues in office exactly 2 weeks back.
I dont want write about the trip and bomb my post with lot of pictures, though i enjoyed it a lot. But yes i want to talk about a bit of craft.
A very crafty country and in most of the places we have to bargain like crazy and since am not good at that and even my lingual skills don’t support that, i didnt shop much.
The main base for the craft are the coconut shells, sea shells, light-weight wood, yarn, rope, fabric, beads and lots of other things. I saw tonnes of crochet stuff (very little knitting) bags, hats, tops, dresses, belts, skirts around in cotton yarn. A 3 ply yarn which might be DK weight. Though they are happy to sell the finished goods, all the vendors are tight lipped about the availability of yarn in stores. There are tonnes of crocheted / macrame bags in a variety of materials. what attracted me are the wooden handles they used, which are very nice.I saw some posts on ravelry about a couple of knitting shops in bangkok, was dying to see a yarn store but i cant convince the whole crowd for a yarn store trip and dont want to get lost in a strange country by going alone.
I am a bit lazy about uploading the photos, I promise to share soon.


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