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Chennai Weekend – Kancheepuram

November 28, 2007

Finally I got some time to blog about my kanchi trip 🙂
There are probably hundreds of web pages and blogs that have talked about kanchipuram – Tamilnadu. Here is my version….

It was saturday and the day was cloudy, it was past the breakfast time when my husband came into the kitchen saying lets make a trip to kanchi. The idea was not bad and afterall kanchi is only 2 hrs from chennai. Last time i went to kanchi was to pick sarees for my marriage (which also happens to be the first time) and i only had time to see the kamakshi temple after the shopping. We had a quick lunch and we were in the bus to kanchi by 2pm. The roads have very much improved from my last trip which was one and half years back.  

30 mins after we started, we reached Padapai, famous for its plant nurseries. Kanchi is another hour from here. One can spot some weaving and dyed yarn hung out, under the shades of trees as kanchi – temple n silk town gets nearer and nearer. We negotiated an auto for 175 bucks to tour around 4 temples and then leave us at the busstand. We went to ekambaranath temple, kanchi kamakshi temple, Perumal temple, Varadaraja swamy temple. The last temple is in the outskirts of kanchi town and we were fortunate to be there as the diety was taken around the streets when we visited.
Some of the photos from the trip are here
kanchi 014kanchi 018
kanchi 017
kanchi 009kanchi 022
kanchi 003kanchi 024
kanchi 020kanchi 007
Things to keep in mind:
– All the temples follow strict opening and closing times. Either reach kanchi early in the morning or reach in the late afternoon.
– Bargain hard with the autowallas (remember its a tourist place)
– The priests in most of the temples try to be sentimental to get some money.
– One is not allowed to take photos in the main temple like everywhere, but photography is allowed in the temple premisis. Insist on ticket for camera charges.
– Take your time and explore every nook and corner, sure you will find some surprising stuff.
– The famous Saravanas is present near the busstand and off the gandhi road (the silk sari shopping road), also present is Adyar Anand Bhavan.
– If thinking of shopping ask an experienced neigbour/friend/relatives to recommend some good shops.
– Got time, do visit some weavers in the backlanes.
– Try to keep the temple town clean from your side.

Whole trip time – 7 hours.
Budget – shoe string (below 500 for 2 people).

Comments are welcome….

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