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Finished Diwali shopping??????

November 6, 2007

I dont want to think of shopping in chennai during festive season. I made a short trip T.nagar last weekend, should i say its crammed??? or is there a single word that describes the roads, people and the rush thats always there despite the rain, shine, fesival season, marriage season or just another day.

T.nagar serves to all classes of people and gives you everything… shall i say pin to aeroplane 🙂 Since its the first weekend after pay day and with diwali round the corner one can just imagine how T.nagar is… especially the usman roads. Thank god it was not raining else… i cant even imagine. The drilling in the middle of the road for constructing a flyover doesnt seem to affect the people and traffic at all. Pray for the guy who has to man the proclainer in the middle of the road with people crossing his work area all the time.

I went into chennai silks for some quick shopping since i didnt dare to put myself through sarava stores. I found sometime to visit raja thread stores before heading home. I was disappointed that the store doesnt stock circular knitting needles (The sales girl has no ides what it is, though i tried my best to explain her in my broken tamil). I dropped a sample of the yarn that i need for completing the tote. If they cant get, then i will make it a two color tote (No option…) Checked their yarn bin which is full of acrylic in different weights but nothing interested me. I finally bought a No. 11 knitting needle pair.

The events page is updated with new events in november, do check and enjoy the monsoon season.

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