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Rainy Weekend

October 30, 2007

Heavy winds and rain spoiled the whole weekend making me immovable from house, guess what???…. the weather welcomed the week with some clear skies, peek-a-boo sunshine though the weather-man predicted some rain on monday. I got time to help in baking a cake, compose and edit the writeup on ECR, start on a fillet crochet doiley, practise reading & writing tamil over the weekend.

I didnt want to put photos on my Chennai Weekend series writeups coz I want it to be like a column to give some basic info not to load it with photos. Also I dont have my own photos for all the places i mentioned and dont want to pick from net or others blog. There are loads of photos on the net for the places i mention, have a look before you visit.

The progress on doiley and photos will be in the blog next week. The pattern is somewhere from the internet, i was searching for the picture which has the actual photo and realised that i forgot the site from which i downloaded:-) Its actually a cusion cover pattern, i am planning it to be large enough to cover my TV. The original doesnt have a border and i am planning to add a border in contrast thread.

I updated the Events page with an event at Dakshina chitra and a weekend art program, have a look.

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