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A Quickie to T.Nagar

October 21, 2007

Happy Vijayadasami…

Celebrations everywhere and few grunts that a holiday has fallen on a sunday..

I couldnt plan a long shopping in T.Nagar yesterday morning with the rain spoiling my plans… But had a quickie in the evening to run some errands.

My Husband accompanied me on this short trip to T.Nagar. We took a local to Mambalam and the Ranganathan street is as always – crowded. My husband was commenting that if at all india wants a rugby team they can pick a few from this street. I didnt have a camera when i am there and even if i had i dont dare with my husband by my side 🙂 I am planning a long one next week to complete a lot of shopping thats been pending for a while, before diwali.

While in T.Nagar I popped into ‘Raja Thread Store’ to check if they have the yarn that i am using for my tote, Bad luck – they dont have it anymore… learnt the lesson that experienced knitters always say, “stocking extra yarn doesnt harm” Good Luck – The lady said if i can get a sample she will order that for me but it will take some time. ( I think  am the only person who goes to a store for supplies without a sample !!!!!!). But I noticed that they have a variety of yarn now… waiting for the next weekend to spend sometime there.

After we completed the errands, picked some flowers for the puja, had a short snack at ‘Archana’s’ and came back home.

I couldn’t even keep up my promise to try the ceramic bead activity on this weekend. It will be sometime before i think of it again.

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  1. March 25, 2009 12:01 am

    >>>>”My husband was commenting that if at all india wants a rugby team they can pick a few from this street. ”

    🙂 Really Nice Comment.

    I am new visitor to your blog. I am looking my chennai as extremely in new view. You are doing great work by sharing good things with us.

    Once again, I am reading Blog name “I am in Chennai”, 🙂 excellent naming.

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