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After a long time

October 1, 2007

Knitting with pale cream acrylic yarn

This is the yarn i bought longtime back and i started unevenly with my self-taught knitting knowledge. I frogged the scarf completely after reaching about 10 inches. why??? i thought i would be practical, nobody in chennai wears scarfs… i mean that are knit. so i frogged and thought of making a tote in seed stitch. Here are the pictures of the scarf before i frogged it.
My first lace scarf - Front My first lace scarf - Back

My seed stitch is not so perfect, as you can see the stockinette creeped in between sometimes. I am using UK size 6 needles, I think its US size 8. The yarn gives me 8 rows and 4.5 stitches per inch. I have couple of ideas for the handles but let me finish the tote first before i think of them.
Seed Stitch Tote1 WIP
Here are two of my recent paintings the first one is a wip, and the second one is done.
Ganesh Painting-Oil 1

My maid made some smear marks and i have to correct them 😦
By the Sea Painting-Oil 2

I recently joined crochet_india group on yahoo and its fun to know that there is so much talent here though there is a crunch for good yarn. Here is the crochet motif that am making for a table cloth. The second picture does justice regarding the yarn color. Its a mercedised cotton yarn by Anchor, which is available in 50gm balls for 55 rs or about 1.5 dollars
Crochet Square Motif1 - 1 Crochet Square Motif1 - 2 Original Color

There is no office today and i promised myself that i will blog about all the things am doing. I hate the part of taking photos and uploading them 🙂 though pictures make blog look good.

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