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I finally started Knitting

August 17, 2007

Last week I went to “Ranganathan street” in T.Nagar,chennai. I planned to get some cotton yarn to knit and my first pair of knitting needles. I got no. 6 needles but i had difficulty explaining (language problem 🙂 ) to the sales girl that i want some cotton yarn not acrylic. I finally settled for a skein (about 100g) of cotton yarn mixed with acrylic. As soon as am home i wound it into a ball and started to knit with the needles.
Knit scarf with pale yellow acrylic yarn
I started with a simple accessory, a scarf but with a complex pattern for a starter. As you can see i struggled with the first few rows. As this was my first attempt, I am not bothered about gauge but i had problems keeping my tension even. This is a weekback picture and now the scarf reached 5 inches, will soon post the pictures.

I got the yarn at “Raja Thread Store”, its in the lane next to the “Textile India” shop. 100g of yarn is 25Rs (thats around 50 US cents).

If anybody knows a store in chennai which sells cotton yarn for knitting ( crochet threads don’t count ) please leave a message.

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  1. February 12, 2011 4:45 pm

    Hello – I am a knitting buff and I would like to be party of your community

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