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Muthukadu Boat Club

August 15, 2007

Muthukadu Boat Club, Chennai

I recently visited the “Muthukadu Boat Club” on the ECR and enjoyed the place. One has to drive past the “Mayajaal” multiplex to reach the boat club. The scenic backwaters and the gaint trees make the place perfect to spend an evening. There are speed boats and row boats if you want to enjoy a ride. Coffee, Tea, Light snacks are available at the club.

The club will be very crowded on weekends, as the parking is limited one may have to park the vehical on the ECR itself. One always have to wait for their turn. The tickets for the speed boats will be issued only if there are a specific  number of customers, so one may have to team up with other picnickers to enjoy the ride. Even the rowboats are rowed by the club employees, if you are thinking of enjoying the backwaters in privacy then this place is not for you. But it is a nice place away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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