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SEW – Madras Checks Shorts

August 20, 2015

Roller Skate Shorts

SEW - Madras Checks Shorts Front(M)

Ms H goes for roller skating practise 3 times a week, where she has to wear short sleeved shirt and shorts. Since one of her regular shorts is becoming a bit small its time to replace it with a new one.
“Sew Chic Kids” Pattern I to the rescue. All the small details make the shorts super nice and less homemade. I am very proud how this pair turned out. She already wore the shorts to the practise and gave a big thumbs-up. May be i should stop buying shorts in store for the girls after this and start making every pair for them :-)
SEW - Madras Checks Shorts Side-Back

Pattern: SEW CHIC KIDS pattern I
Size: 110cm (leg length 100cm)
Fabric: Mill made cotton Madras Checks from Cotton St.
Legs were cut at 100cm line by accident, so they are a bit short than they are supposed to be.
Changed the waistband to 2 piece waistband. This is an easy modification to introduce some fun element. The same was done for Ms J’s Denim shorts.
SEW - Madras Checks Shorts Front SEW - Madras Checks shorts Back

No inner leg tabs.
Back Pockets, Tabs, Outer waistband are done in lightweight denim.
Button-Hole elastic instead of regular elastic waistband. I did apply some interfacing before making the button holes on the waistband for the elastic.
SEW - Madras Checks shorts Detail1

1/4″ was added to the leg length, to hem it without exposed edges.
SEW - Madras checks shorts Detail2

The tab buttons are salvaged from Mr A’s old Levis shirt.
SEW - Madras checks shorts - Tab
Tried my best to match the plaid… totally forgot to match the vertical lines in the pockets ;-)
Should have interfaced the front of the waistband, the buttons kind of pull it a bit.

Ms H wants a bow in the front, as her sister’s shorts have one and i am not sure of that…. might add if she insists on one though :-)

Among other things…

August 14, 2015

Ms J quietly finished her first birthday last weekend among close friends and family.
Ms J 1 Year

I met a dear cousin after a long time and got some freezer paper as gift :-)

I made myself a pair of salwar from a vedio tutorial by cloud factory.

I was making shorts for Ms H when my sewing machine stopped sewing (its working… it just stopped sewing). I planned to cut some fabric while my machine is at the service centre… instead indulged in some retail therapy and bought some patterns ;-)

Now that my machine is back… I am off to finish the shorts…

More Strawberries

July 11, 2015


Remember the strawberry pyjama pant blogged here, there was quite a bit of fabric left.. Ms H wanted a skirt, so skirt it is.
SEW-Strawberry Skirt

while i was cutting the fabric for skirt, it seemed the leftover piece is quite large…. so fudged the skirt pieces a bit and got a pair of shorts for Ms H.
SEW-Strawberry Shorts

Next in the sewing queue are a pair shorts in madras checks….

Enchanted Forest – Art with Kids

July 8, 2015

Bubble wrap print Forest art project with Ms H

Last Saturday afternoon Ms H and I watched “Mr Peabody and Sherman” movie on TV instead of our usual crafting, nice movie by the way. The saturday before, we did some bubble wrap print.

Inspired by this picture from Pinterest feed.

This is our take
Craft-enchanted forest

I did cut the trees and helped with sticking them on…. If left to her all the trees would have been in ascending order by height :-)

Here are some pictures taken during the activity.
Craft- Enchanted Forest Craft-enchanted forest Craft-Enchanted Forest

KCW Summer 2015

June 30, 2015

KCW Summer 2015

The season is finished and here is my progress through the week June22-28.

Day 1
Izzy Top – 18m
Modifying the pattern pieces, Brainstorming, Cutting the fabric.

Day 2
Izzy Top – 18m
Sewing up part of bodice, Hemming the skirt, Lot of doubt about my modifications.

Day 3
Izzy Top – 18m
finishing the bodice

Day 4
Sunny Day Shorts – 12-18m
Sewing up the Shorts

Day 5
Sunny Day Shorts – 12-18m
Attaching waistband

Day 6
Sunny Day Shorts – 12-18m
Finishing the shorts.

Izzy Top – 18m
Trial on Ms J

Day 7
Izzy Top – 18m
Sew placket on the top, needs sew-on snaps.

Denim Oliver+S Sunny Day shorts HIT
SEW-Sunny Day Denim shorts

Izzy top FLOP (Heavily modified, not a problem with the pattern)
SEW-Floral Izzy Top

The shorts are a straight forward sew. Modified the waistband into a two piece waistband. Added a bow to identify the front instead of a tag in the back. Did lot of topstitching with regular thread and zigzagged all the seams, so took a bit more time than expected but love the clean insides.

The top is a flop. No mistake of the pattern, i used it before and loved it. This time i heavily modified it by straightening the bodice, removing the back opening and enlarging the neckline… the result i cannot pull J’s second hand through… so cut the back to put a placket in place, tried again… it didn’t fit. By now i understood the problem, its the straightened bodice…. No way i can save the top and all my brainstorming went down the drain. Lesson learnt (whatever the lesson maybe :-)).

All in all I have only a pair of shorts to show after 1 week of sewing :-(

I am waiting for the next KCW maybe i will plan better.

Pyjama Party

June 24, 2015

Pyjamas for Kids
Summer holidays are finished for Ms H and i’m not sure if they are a hit or not. I had very little sewing time but the kids enjoyed the unstructured time despite a very hot summer.
The last 2 weeks of the summer holidays are spent sewing pyjamas for the kids. Its actually Baby J who is in need of pyjamas as she outgrew all her sleep suits but its Ms H who got the better deal. Ms H appointed herself as my fabric shopping assistant and choose the fabric for herself and her sister.

Strawberry Pyjama Pants
Sew-Strawberry Pyjamas

Fabric: Polycotton strawberry print from cotton street.
Pattern: pattern O (wide leg pants) from Sew Chic Kids.
Size: Size 2
This pattern makes excellent pyjama pants.
With no back pockets and with the front and back pattern pieces kind of merged together to get a single pattern piece before adding the seam allowances, its easy to cut and a super quick sew.
Its a bit tight in the back and is teeny bit short, so will upgrade to size 4 next time.
Being pink and full of strawberries means that it will be worn a lot.
Sew-Strawberry Pyjamas-H

Flower Power Pyjama set
SEW-Floral Top

Sew-Pink Flower Pyjamas

Fabric: Cotton flower print from cotton street.(very thin and light fabric but not much drape)
Pants Pattern: Pattern O from Sew Chic Kids.
Top Pattern: Pattern C with extended sleeves of Pattern T (Sew Chic Kids)
Size: Size 2 for top and Size 4 for pants.
The sleeves are from pattern T, lengthened (seems i have to add more both in length and in width).
H said she likes short sleeves, so might hack them sometime in future.
I made the bias tape a bit wider and shorter due to general laziness.
Should enlarge the neck opening as her head barely squeezes in.

Sew-Ms H-Floral Pyjama Set
Mr A said its a lovely set but the fabric is a bit thin. Ms H likes the set a lot especially the top.

Toothy Karate Pyjama set
SEW-Brushy Pyjama Set

Fabric: Cotton fabric from cotton street (60″ wide)
Pattern: self drafted kimono style top, Sunny Day Shorts turned into pyjama pants.
Size: 9-12m bodice used for drafting the top, 12-18m for pants
Kind of messed up with the top while drafting which i realised only after Ms J wore it. The sleeves are too long and the top itself is a bit short.
No more kimono tops, not because they are difficult to sew but dressing up a wiggly 10 month old baby in a kimono with ties is not for me.

Sew-Ms J-Brushy Pyjama Set
She does look like she is out of a chinese martial art movie…

I signed-up for this seasons KCW and finished Day1 and Day2 with lots of brainstorming and little sewing…. for some reason unless i complicate an easy pattern i cannot sew :-)

Blue Tulip Ugadi Dress

June 13, 2015

Ugadi dress for Ms. J inspired by Tea Collection Diya

SEW - Blue Ugadi
Ms H is back in school this week and i get little pockets of time during the day to do some things around the house, leaving more free time during the nights (after the kids are asleep). This also means i can finally edit and publish this post which has been in the draft folder for the past 2 months :-)

Tea collection Diya Romper is the inspiration for the dress.
when i made it, Ms J was standing with support, when i wrote the post(on good friday) she was standing all by herself, as of today, she is easily walking ten feet. During all this time, the dress has been worn more than a couple of times.


Pattern: self drafted from a 9-12 mo bodice from here.
Size: 9-12m
Fabric: Bagh print yardage from an exhibition held by Mrignayanee
Next time i will be a bit more dramatic with the front curve, seems a bit conservative compared to the original.
Since most of the sewing was done on friday late night (Ugadi is on saturday), due to sleepiness, general laziness..
1. The underarms are finished by just turning them twice, so very wonky and look blah… for the amount of pinning i did to sew them, i could have cut a bias strip…
SEW - Blue Ugadi - kinky underarm stitching

2. Back slit was finished shirt sleeve placket style!!!! wish i had taken some time to search for a proper tutorial to finish it.
SEW - Blue Ugadi - Back Placket

Used set-in snaps for the first time and found it needs some interfacing or extra fabric under them for extra grip. The snap was quickly hammered before putting the dress on her…

The entire hem is 1/4″ and it was tricky to sew the curved hem without stretching it.
SEW - Blue Ugadi - hem

Have to tell that Mr A loved the dress though Ms H didn’t approve blue colour for her sister.

Here is a recent picture of her (just before she completed 10 months) in the same dress with Oliver+S Sunny Day Shorts in 6-12m size. Made in black unknown cotton fabric, bit tight in the bum even with disposable diaper but wearable.
Blue Tulip dress outfit


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